Spreadsheet -> OPML Generator

An OPML describes a set of RSS feeds, and is a nice way of sharing a set of feeds with the world. You can use this app to generate an OPML based on a public Google Spreadsheet.

  1. Create a spreadsheet with columns "title" and "url".
  2. Publish the spreadsheet by clicking "Share" -> "Publish as a webpage" -> "Start publishing." Set it to auto-publish on save if you want.
  3. Enter the URL of the spreadsheet below:
  4. Enter a title for the OPML (optional):
  5. Your OPML should now be generated at this URL:
  6. Now you can share that URL with others and they can do exciting things like import it into Google Reader.

For an example, see this published spreadsheet and the resulting OPML.

Note: This is not a production-level service, it it just a tool I put together for use on my recipe blogs portal. You can deploy your own version of this or modify it for your needs by grabbing the source code from github.